We're Back! ...almost

We are bringing Dtips back online. New Hardware and in the cloud. Dtips is planning to offer it's services free for as long as we can. That means there will be donation buttons and some ads. This is to help cover the costs. We will bring features online as soon as we can migrate them over. Please be patient, we work on this site when we are not out there fixing cars or fixing the internet.

Waveform Library

Diagnostic waveform library. Known good and known bad captures searchable by year, make, model, engine and keyword.

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A variety of online tools including our volumetric efficiency (MAF) calculator, waveform analyzer, and conversion calculators.

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Mode $06 data

Mode $066 definitions and details. Not just the factory nonsense copied over but text written by techs that understand what these tests do.

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Pattern Failures

Search our knowledge base for known problems and corresponding test procedures.

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We have some very good and popular articles that we will be bringing back.

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