What is Dtips about?

Dtips.com has always been about helping technicians.
The site was founded by techs and built to help the top of the line diag tech as well as the new guy. Or those that just needed a pointer for a problem they have never seen before. After all if you are not working at the dealership “replace with known good part” only gets you so far. We also want to be a repository for vehicle knowledge and to make it available to everyone from the best of the best to the guy fixing his own car. But this site is run by a bunch of guys in their off hours. All ASE Master techs (or once were).

What happened to the old site? Well The short story is that the hardware crashed. The software was outdated and hard to maintain. We were faced with an increasing cost of maintenance and a decreasing revenue. Repairing the old site just wasn’t feasible long term.

This site is new from the ground up, so it will take us a while to move the content over, please be patient. We also want to invite you to help others improve the site. Most areas will include some way for you to contribute. Either uploading your images or posting cool fixes for common problems.

Last but not least we want to thank all those members who contributed to Dtips in the past. You kept the site alive for 10 years. We hope you stay with us for another 10 years.